Silbury Hill

December 16, 2007

I remember my visit to Silbury Hill in Wiltshire as an enchanted time. Many years ago in early December, along the highway between London and Bath, we came upon this Neolithic chalk mound built thousands of years ago over an underground spring and covered with soft green grass.

Perhaps you can see Elizabeth, a tiny stick figure, marching up the spiral pathway and standing on the top of this prehistoric monument to the Great Goddess. I’d fallen behind to search for a woolen neck scarf, or perhaps the universe had simply given me the opportunity to capture Elizabeth on film.

The day was bright blue, the moon still high in the sky. After I arrived at the top of this ancient harvest hill and she and I were sitting together in the tall grass, we discovered that we were both menstruating which seemed entirely fitting as we explored this ancient site of the Great Goddess.

As for that woolen scarf – I found it later at the very bottom of Silbury Hill on a fence post. It had been loaned to me by a male friend and so I came to believe that the energy of this very cosmic womanly space accounted for the scarf’s temporary disappearance.

And another thing about Silbury Hill – my photos of that sacred place are out of focus, as if the very energy and vibrations of the place affected not only our bodies and perhaps our very souls, but my camera as well. This little series of nine images (the magic grid of nine) begins to dim and soften every time that I attempt to make it larger.

The memories of this day touch me still – a spiral walk up and around a mound of chalk with the moon overhead and blood between our legs.


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