January 4, 2008


The house I live in was built in 1948 and the bathrooms have never been updated. They are small and demand many compromises and I often wonder how the original family functioned in these spaces. I’ve never figured out how to remodel either of these bathrooms and  finally realized that I’ll not ever make more than cosmetic changes.

The good thing about the antiquated master bathroom? Afternoon light in the space is stunning. This is what I saw recently as I stepped out of the shower. Beautiful.


One Response to “Bathroom”

  1. I was just wondering; you seem to have glass block for the window; is there a way for moisture to leave the room when you are taking a shower? The home designs from this period used the open window as a way to vent moisture (nice on cold mornings). A fan can be installed with a small flexible tube to vent to the outside or through the attic if possible.

    That tile seems to have been popular in that time period (is it original?). I have seen a few houses with that color. I wonder why it became so fashionable.

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