Lost and Found

February 2, 2008

Last week we brought many things into daylight from the boxes and dark corners and shelves in the garage. All had suffered from vermin and lack of temperature control. However, there was still beauty and many stories.


Was it twenty seven years ago that Patsy and I spent two days in Bonaire and found the beaches covered with sea fans? They were so lovely that we bought a very cheap suitcase (even then it was made in China), filled it with our bounty from the sea and carted it back to Houston. Many of the sea fans made it into my house, but some have been confined to the blue interior of that suitcase for all of these years. They are in the open now, airing on a lawn chair, waiting to play a part in a soon-to-be-tableau. The suitcase has gone the way of all things.


Boxes of collage materials surfaced as we cleared the garage. This small tableau was wrenched from a shadow box collage years ago. I remember that this assemblage was surrounded by piles of vintage silver Christmas tree ornaments and masses of green streamers against a background of hand colored photos of lily leaves and angels. The shadow box served as backdrop for diamonds in a jewelry display case at Walzel’s on Post Oak Road.


What’s not to love about ribbons. I have rolls of vintage rayon seam binding and more rolls of Mexican rayon ribbon. Plus ribbon covered with purple flowers from La Linda Tienda in Aruba. I love them all and fading and mildew often makes the ribbons more interesting.


Queta found this hat of mine in a corner of the garage, flattened and eaten away and very lost from its hat box. Sad to say a critter, a rat? found the hat and carried it away for a feast. I would never have left an Italian silk hat from Bonwit Teller loose in the garage for fifteen years. But there is was and what a waste.

I bought the hat for Easter in 1964 or perhaps 1965, not at Bloomingdale’s where I worked, but at Bonwit’s. It was at least $15 – a hefty sum at the time. the hat came in many colors and after much deliberation, I selected the turquoise. i remember yet that it was a hard choice to make. Easter was always cold in New York and I wore it with a winter white double breasted coat and I am sure that I carried my little black leather handbag with black kid gloves. The hat is beautiful and if I’d cared for it, I’d wear it still.


Early Paintings

February 2, 2008

Each of my daughters brought artwork home from nursery school. I framed some of their pieces and saved a stack. Each girl’s work was different in style. Caroline had a good sense of space and her markings never appeared randomly placed.
Jeanne was spontaneous and there was less structure in her paintings. Mary B’s paintings were all narratives – or was her very earliest work lost?

These childhood paintings were not well cared for. We found them in the garage, brown and covered with mildew. However, I think some of their vibrancy is preserved in these photos. The actual paintings fell in with the trash and I tell myself it’s OK not to save absolutely everything.
sun-art.jpg mary-art.jpggreen-art.jpg