Real Mexican Food

May 24, 2008

One of the many good things about living where I do is the plethora of authentic Mexican restaurants and taquerias. After eating Mexican food in my neighborhood, it is easy to believe that going west of downtown Houston will get you tortillas out of a package and salsa from a jar. Or at least, it tastes that way when compared with the East End where every tortilla I’ve ever eaten is rolled out and thrown on a hot griddle and the salsas are made fresh every day with tomatoes and tomatillas, onions and garlic. The food is real.

Here are some meals I loved starting with a take-out container of green chicken enchilladas topped with creama and soft crumbled Mexican cheese which happens to be the Thursday special from Brother’s Tacos on the corner of Dowling and Leeland. Very, very good, especially when you can bring it home and eat it, still warm, while sitting on a screen porch surveying the garden.

Follow that with lunch on a Friday at Irma’s Restaurant on Chenevert on the very edge of downtown. That’s the day she serves her chicken mole with avocado slices and beans a la charra. Irma is right there to ask you if the food is to your liking and of course, it alway is. Her food is fresh, hot and served with panache. I’ve found myself there twice in as many weeks.
And where does one go on the weekend for breakfast? No better place than Los Corrales Taqueria at Navigation and 75th Street for a plate of scrambled eggs and machacado with refried beans, a generous spoonful of carne asada and warm corn tortillas. You can skip lunch after a breakfast like that. And it’s a good idea to buy a packet or two of dried chorizo or machacada to pack in your suitcase for the next trip west or east. Your host will thank you for it and you’ll have brought a bit of the East End along with you.


Value Village

May 24, 2008

Stopped by Value Village on Harrisburg Blvd. yesterday. The prices are great at this Purple Heart resale store and as these photos show, their merchandising shows a sense of style. What a wonderful way to hang jeans and those billowing dust ruffles and sheer curtains are reminiscent of brides.