Discovery Park: A Restorative

November 14, 2008

I’ve been commuting between Houston and Seattle for over a year as my 91 year old parents become less and less able to fend for themselves – even with 24/7 caregivers. There are a myriad of day-to-day living needs that seem to benefit from Mom and Dad’s three children’s expertise such as attendance at doctor and dental appointments, special food purchases, sudden skin rashes, yeast infections, lost mail, unopened mail, sudden depletion of boxes of tissues, hair care, food spots on clothing to name a few of the issues that arise each day. My brother and I spell my sister who tends to these endless requests every single day.

All that being said, what saves the days in Seattle from being all about dying and loved ones’ diminishing abilities to navigate life are the walks I take in Discovery Park. I don’t get to the park every day that I’m in Seattle, but I have walked the trails often enough this year to see the seasons change. Each walk this fall has been glorious and restorative.