There is almost nothing that I like better than what my daughters call a “tab’ lo.” We spell it phonetically. You might recognize it as ‘tableau.’ I am so drawn toward carefully arranged objects in unexpected contexts. It’s about two green pears on a chartreuse plate in the sunlight. If you notice that the pears on the plate are sunlit on the kitchen counter, then you’ve found the treasure. A tab’lo can also be a snippet of conversation between two people that appears random and is anything but. A tab’lo is a well designed moment that may have been intentional or may simply be a part of the universe itself which also signifies some intention, don’t you think?

Now to get to the basics. I’m a photographer, writer, grandmother, mother and daughter. I am changing careers. I like my life and I fear for the state of our world. It’s quite obviously time to make a difference in so many ways.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. susan king Says:

    MM – I love this one even more. Your photos are studpendous (sp?). Hey, where did you stay on the oregon coast. I want to rent a house this summer. And i want my daughter (in Portland) to meet yours. Think they might have lots in common. Susan King

  2. intlxpatr Says:

    Your blog was linked to mine by the automatic WordPress link thingy, and I always check to make sure I am not linked to something I don’t want to be linked to. When I started reading, it was as if I were reading my own blog – we both blog the “tab’ lo” of life. It was a pleasure visiting!

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