Second Seating is coming to life.  Seven artists are at work creating a fantasy space of recycled products and found objects, filled with references to Houston’s East End culture and industry.IMG_1097IMG_2923IMG_1601_2IMG_2716IMG_2758IMG_2900IMG_2903

Second Seating, the art installation on which I am now working, received a grant in January from The Idea Fund, a program of Diverse Works ArtSpace, Aurora Picture Show and Project Row Houses made possible by The Andy Warhol Foundation. The grant was a terrific boost for the project and we’re well underway toward the late September opening. Here are some photos of work in progress – or at least some of the materials that will go into the fantasy dinner tables and chandeliers that will make up Second Seating. ss-silv-bowl-fake-donuts
ss-cup ss-gelatin-molds-h

Following My Shoes

January 3, 2009



Value Village

May 24, 2008

Stopped by Value Village on Harrisburg Blvd. yesterday. The prices are great at this Purple Heart resale store and as these photos show, their merchandising shows a sense of style. What a wonderful way to hang jeans and those billowing dust ruffles and sheer curtains are reminiscent of brides.

More Wonderful Things

April 7, 2008

Who could wish for more? Texas’ Antiques Week in Round Top and environs is magic. See for yourself and then click here to return to Rockbridge Times and see what I bought and brought home with me from Round Top.

Ladies in Sunlight

March 16, 2008

The kitchen table is a wonderful backdrop for taking photographs that capture moments of afternoon sunlight. This afternoon I found these photos on a disc. Happy discovery. The five images seem to form a visual narrative, somewhat obscure, yet compelling as an alternate reality.