Vogue Goes to Versailles, MMH Adds Oysters

Vogue Goes to Versailles, MMH Adds Oysters

Too Many Flowers, Too Little Time

Too Many Flowers, Too Little Time

Giverny Sans Tourists

On Top Of the Hill,Sacre Coeur

On Top Of the Hill,
Sacre Coeur

Père Lachaise Reverie

Guerlain Meets Sainte-Chapelle

Women and the Best Figs Ever

Women and the Best Figs Ever

Dreaming of Versailles at My Kitchen Table

Dreaming of Versailles at My Kitchen Table

History RepeatsHistory Repeats


Food To Love In Turkey

June 16, 2009

So many kabobs and grilled vegetables, so many glasses of tea with two sugar cubes, so many honey soaked desserts. We savored every mouthful. What is not to love? Turkish food is wholesome. Their tea is like rocket fuel. Their sweets are divine. When can we return?IMG_0052

Discovery Park: A Restorative

November 14, 2008

I’ve been commuting between Houston and Seattle for over a year as my 91 year old parents become less and less able to fend for themselves – even with 24/7 caregivers. There are a myriad of day-to-day living needs that seem to benefit from Mom and Dad’s three children’s expertise such as attendance at doctor and dental appointments, special food purchases, sudden skin rashes, yeast infections, lost mail, unopened mail, sudden depletion of boxes of tissues, hair care, food spots on clothing to name a few of the issues that arise each day. My brother and I spell my sister who tends to these endless requests every single day.

All that being said, what saves the days in Seattle from being all about dying and loved ones’ diminishing abilities to navigate life are the walks I take in Discovery Park. I don’t get to the park every day that I’m in Seattle, but I have walked the trails often enough this year to see the seasons change. Each walk this fall has been glorious and restorative.

Arrived a day early in San Francisco for the Blog Her conference and spent the afternoon to spend with my sister Kate who flew in from Seattle. We saw wonderful things here in this city that was suffused with both sunshine and soft fog as we toured the labyrinths at Grace Cathedral and then cabbed to golden Gate Park to tour the Conservatory of Flowers, Strybing Arboretum and the Japanese Tea Room. We ended up in a boutique adjacent to the hotel where we looked at very little dresses with plenty of this year’s tucks, pleats and ruching, perfect for Laura. Here are a few photos from our quite wonderful day.

Silbury Hill

December 16, 2007

I remember my visit to Silbury Hill in Wiltshire as an enchanted time. Many years ago in early December, along the highway between London and Bath, we came upon this Neolithic chalk mound built thousands of years ago over an underground spring and covered with soft green grass.

Perhaps you can see Elizabeth, a tiny stick figure, marching up the spiral pathway and standing on the top of this prehistoric monument to the Great Goddess. I’d fallen behind to search for a woolen neck scarf, or perhaps the universe had simply given me the opportunity to capture Elizabeth on film.

The day was bright blue, the moon still high in the sky. After I arrived at the top of this ancient harvest hill and she and I were sitting together in the tall grass, we discovered that we were both menstruating which seemed entirely fitting as we explored this ancient site of the Great Goddess.

As for that woolen scarf – I found it later at the very bottom of Silbury Hill on a fence post. It had been loaned to me by a male friend and so I came to believe that the energy of this very cosmic womanly space accounted for the scarf’s temporary disappearance.

And another thing about Silbury Hill – my photos of that sacred place are out of focus, as if the very energy and vibrations of the place affected not only our bodies and perhaps our very souls, but my camera as well. This little series of nine images (the magic grid of nine) begins to dim and soften every time that I attempt to make it larger.

The memories of this day touch me still – a spiral walk up and around a mound of chalk with the moon overhead and blood between our legs.

Sunrise, Sunset, Sunrise

November 29, 2007


We were on the Oregon coast for just two nights. Three times we stood on the beach watching the western sky. Reflections of the first dawn were luminous on both sky and water, the palest of peach, the softest of grays. Waves were froth of endless tulle. Words do not compare with the seeing.


Late in the day we walked to the beach again and never have I seen such a sharp line of crimson etched at the horizon in those minutes just before dark. The sun set at the far end of the beach; the red line spanned the whole horizon. The tide was out, leaving a beach with scattered stones. There was no froth of tulle dancing in apricot light.


A second morning walk on the beach offered only the briefest moment of blue with a wash of pink. Then the sky turned gray and morning light came without shine or color.


October 10, 2007

I saw rampant in San Antonio, profuse vines run amuck with the intense summer rains we’ve had this summer. The coralita vine had grown in an intense reckless way, having found just the right conditions to cover everything in its path.
I’d remembered coralita vine at my host’s back door and it was there in profusion. This year, it also spread riotously, covering the side of the house, becoming shade and a barrier from the western sun.

And then, on a walk through the neighborhood, I discovered vines prolific enough to bury whole houses, stretch over the tops of palm trees and hang from roofs. I loved every flowerlet of this recalitrant vine I found in San Antonio.

House on Huisache Street

October 6, 2007

I love to visit with the people who live in this house. We pass the time of day or evening covering a score of subjects – always with very fine food and as you can see, with a visual feast as well. What a pleasure it was to spend two days on Huisache Street and to spend two nights in a room where early morning sun light filters through worn cotton curtains. A very sensuous beginning to a new day.


Lantana for Lunch

September 14, 2007


Three Monarch butterflies flit among lantana bushes in the front garden, pausing over tiny flowers to gather sustanance. I wondered if these three were born in the garden or had strayed from their migration route.

Green Chairs

September 1, 2007




Ever seen these chairs on the side of Highway 90 on the way to Marfa, TX?

They’re quite a sight. A woman I know took them out of the back of her car after she blew a tire and needed to get to the tire changing tools. A man in a pickup truck on his way to Marathon stopped to change her tire. The whole front of the passenger side of the car was torn up. She’d been traveling 80 miles an hour.


The woman thanked the man for his help and then drove very slowly westward into the sunset.