Luisa in the Garden

December 28, 2007

We decided to take photographs in the garden. This image of Luisa feels beautifully exotic and she wears this freeform crochet capelet well. Luisa wears other capelets and neck cuffs, also with great flair, at

My crochet hook is busy with yet more work and I just received another box of yarns, hand spun and dyed, from that farm in New Hampshire. What joy to spread them across a table and mix and match.


Doris Villarreal Ramos

September 24, 2007

Doris arrived just before sunset, just in time for me to take a few photos in that soft golden late afternoon light as she wore one after another of the extravagant new pieces that I am crocheting with hand spun, hand dyed yarns.

I had not forgotten how easy Doris is to photograph and how she can make the work her own. In photographs, this down-to-earth talented young woman often resembles an exotic from an imaginary land. Doris has been busy this year, newly married, working for an architectural firm and making preparations for her architectural license. We shared a leisurely catch up visit and big bowls of beans a la charra that were simmering on the stove.